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Vendors Power America's Biopharmaceutical Industry

We Work For Health recently released new employment, vendor and supplier expenditure data that showcases the vital contributions of these businesses that provide services or supplies to America’s biopharmaceutical research companies in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.


Vendors, from diverse backgrounds and sizes, are the backbone of the biopharmaceutical industry and demonstrate the breadth and depth of the industry’s full economic impact. These partners provide the specialized services that are vital to the research, development and commercialization of life-saving treatments.


From the companies who supply lab equipment and machinery, to contract researchers, to those providing the cleaning, transportation and maintenance services, America’s biopharmaceutical industry owes its success in large part to the 57K+ vendors across the country.


Collectively, 15 of the largest biopharmaceutical companies spent $71.6B+ with vendors and suppliers in 2022 – activity which supports 4.9M+ overall jobs.


Visit our “In the States” page to see the impact of industry vendors in each state as well as data broken down by Congressional and State Legislative districts.


Our newly updated resource showcase how collaboration between the biopharmaceutical sector and its vendors fosters a dynamic environment that benefits not just the biopharmaceutical sector but the broader economy as well.


It is our aim for these new resources to give policymakers and the public a deeper understanding of the critical support network that powers America’s biopharmaceutical industry and its role as a key driver of economic growth, innovation and job creation in communities across the country.


To learn more about We Work For Health and our mission to support policies that foster innovation and facilitate the delivery of lifesaving and life-enhancing medicines, visit our Policy Framework and Resources pages.


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