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Preserving America’s leadership in life sciences is essential

That’s because America’s biopharmaceutical industry fuels economic growth while bringing lifesaving treatments to patients.


Exercising So-Called March-In Rights is the Most Recent Attempt at Undermining U.S. Leadership in Healthcare Innovation

Data shows that contributions of the biopharmaceutical sector provide millions of direct and indirectly supported jobs, and generate billions of dollars in economic output at the local, state and national levels.

Most importantly, those working in and around the life sciences industry help develop new treatments and cures for patients across the country and the globe.

We Work For Health works with innovators, manufacturers, investors, patients, employers, students, educators and all those who value the importance of U.S. leadership in medical innovation today – and for years to come.

About Us

We Work For Health brings together national and local business leaders, labor, biopharma, patient advocacy, and other healthcare-related stakeholders...


Policy Framework

Our aim is to empower life science innovation in the United States by advocating for policies that support a strong biotechnology ecosystem...

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In the States

The economic footprint of the biopharmaceutical industry can be measured not only by traditional indicators of employment and output...

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