About We Work For Health

We Work For Health is a coalition of partners that collaborate with biopharmaceutical research companies, vaccine manufacturers, their employees and local businesses to improve the health and well-being of patients. We are helping to support the delivery of lifesaving, life-enhancing advances in medicine while, at the same time, generating high-paying jobs and contributing to the growth of national, state, and community economies.

Public policy plays a critical role. As an organization, we inform elected leaders, the news media and the constituents and audiences they serve regarding the important direct and indirect contributions these companies and their employees make to the health and economic security of this country. The biopharmaceutical industry’s unprecedented response to the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the capacity to not only protect population health, but also to speed economic recovery.

Key public policy goals include:

  • Fostering an environment for robust economic development and continuous creation of well-paying jobs with good benefits;
  • Leading the world in the research and development of new cures, treatments and vaccines, improving the quality of life for all people;
  • Ensuring that everyone has access to the products and services that can protect their health and improve their quality of life;
  • Believe everyone should have access to products and services that can improve their health and quality of life; and
  • Investing in our communities and engaging in service efforts that strengthen our futures and bring health equity to the disadvantaged and underserved.

To build support for our mission to advance medical innovation, we currently maintain coalitions in 15 states. We invite you to take a look to see what is happening right now where you live: