STEM Talent Pipeline Distance Learning Resource

The STEM Talent Pipeline program was created to support existing or developing STEM initiatives and show students that the industry actively supports their passion for learning. Educational programs in schools and clubs can teach the building blocks of STEM skills that our workforce needs while providing students with critical opportunities.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting communities across the world, the need for researchers and scientists to work toward finding a viable vaccine and treatment is a priority. While they focus on the task at hand, it is up to all of us to foster the next generation of professionals who will journey down the path of a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. 

Doing our part to help educate students and be a resource to teachers and parents who suddenly find themselves having dual roles with their children at home, this virtual resource is an extension of the STEM Talent Pipeline Program and serves to answer questions, address concerns and most of all, spark curiosity and interest in the areas of study that lead to new cures each and every day. 

What is this resource?

Our STEM curriculum focusing on COVID-19 is intended for middle school students ages 10-14. Resources include:

  • An instructor’s step-by-step lesson plan
  • A six-minute informative video (Spanish version) and;
  • A student worksheet that will allow the student to further explore the scientific method by conducting their own science experiment.

The video can be streamed from the website and the lesson plan and student worksheet can be downloaded and printed at home. You find the Spanish version of the plan and worksheet here

How can we use this?

This resource is intended to help teachers and parents educate their children and students on COVID-19 and reassure them that professionals are working tirelessly to properly address the pandemic. This curriculum can be incorporated into a teacher’s weekly plans or a parent’s homeschooling lessons. All components lend themselves to being shared and taught virtually and provide for thoughtful engagement and discussion. 

If you are a parent, teacher, community leader or government official, we invite you to share this resource with your network. Together we can inspire the next generation of scientists and researchers whose dedication and commitment will pioneer change and drive the future of medicine.