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#1 Paul Pescatello on CT Bioscience IndustrySeptember 23, 2019

#1 Paul Pescatello on CT Bioscience Industry

Welcome to our new and innovative podcast, “Working For Health”! 

During this podcast we’ll be exploring the bioscience industry in Connecticut. Connecticut has long been a leader in the area of biopharmaceutical and medical research and it’s continuing to grow.  We’re going to be talking to researchers, scientists, bioscience companies, start-ups, patient advocates and maybe even some of our policymakers!

With our host and producer, Kira Dineen, we’ll be bringing you unique conversations with leaders in bioscience right here in our backyard who are helping to grow the bioscience industry in Connecticut by expanding new investments and growing jobs here in the Connecticut bioscience industry.

Our first guest is Paul Pescatello who’s had a long history working in and around the bioscience industry in Connecticut.  Paul serves as the Co-Chair of We Work for Health Connecticut and is the Executive Director of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association’s Bioscience Growth Council.  Paul has been a highly effective voice for the life sciences in Connecticut and he focuses on policies that foster the translation of basic research into clinical therapies and works to promote the investments necessary for effective biopharma research and development, as well as safeguarding intellectual property.

Paul has been an attorney with over 25 years of experience as an advocate and counsel for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and banking/venture capital-related interests and has worked at the law firm of Shipman & Goodwin, served as Special Counsel to the Governor and as president and CEO of Connecticut United for Research Excellence.  At CURE, he was responsible for legislation and policy to make Connecticut more hospitable to start-up companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition to his public affairs and public policy activities, Paul sits on numerous boards, including Connecticut Innovations, and represents several privately-held investment partnerships and limited liability companies.

This Episode We Discuss:

  • Paul’s experience in bioscience

  • We Work For Health Connecticut’s mission and work
  • Innovative Connecticut bioscience companies

  • Bioscience policy at the State and Federal levels

  • Connecticut research and development growth

  • “Bioscience Triangle” of New Haven/Hartford/Groton

  • Ventral Capital of research and development

  • Biopharmaceutical researchers in Connecticut 

To end our discussion Paul recommends two books by Siddhartha Mukherjee “The Gene: An Intimate History” and “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer”. Stay updated with Paul by following him on Twitter

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Join us next episode with guest Ellen Matloff, President and CEO of My Gene Counsel, a digital health company that helps consumers and clinicians understand, track and effectively utilize their genetic testing information.

Working for Health - TrailerAugust 27, 2019

Working for Health - Trailer

Welcome to “Working for Health” a new podcast about the growing and exciting bioscience Industry in CT!  Connecticut has long been a leader in the area of biopharmaceutical and medical research and it’s continuing to expand and grow.  Working for Health will talk to researchers, scientists, bio start-ups, patients…...and maybe even some our policymakers!  We’ll bring you unique conversations that you won’t hear anywhere else, thanks to our unique combination of bioscience companies, universities, hospitals and lab facilities right here in our backyard. Head to Apple podcasts - or wherever you get your podcasts - and subscribe right now to “Working for Health”.