We Work for Health Colorado is a coalition of patient advocates, economic development organizations, bioscience companies, trade associations, labor unions and higher education institutions working together to educate our elected leaders, the news media and the communities they serve about the important contributions the biopharmaceutical industry and its employees make to the health and economic security of the State of Colorado. The biopharmaceutical sector is the foundation of one of Colorado’s most dynamic innovation and business ecosystems. Not only does the industry invest heavily in the research and development of new treatments and cures, it also generates high quality jobs, powers economic output and exports for the U.S. economy and sustains a very large-scale supply chain.


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Supporting High Quality Jobs in Colorado

The innovative biopharmaceutical sector directly supported 8,621 jobs in Colorado in 2017. These jobs are often high-skill, high-wage professions.

The industry also supported another 37,111 jobs indirectly, for a total of about 45,732 jobs across the Colorado economy. These additional jobs are with vendors and suppliers such as construction companies and I.T. companies, and jobs generated by the sector’s employees such as day care centers and restaurants.

Colorado workers whose jobs were supported by the biopharmaceutical sector paid a total of $707.4 million in personal taxes in 2017—$625.7 million in federal taxes and $81.8 million in state taxes.


Colorado's Economic Impact

In 2017, the biopharmaceutical sector supported $11.2 billion in economic output for the state of Colorado—including $4.3 billion generated directly by the sector, and another $6.8 billion through its vendors and suppliers and through the economic activity of its workforce.

Direct Output per Direct Employee in 2017

$4.3 Billion
$6.8 Billion
$11.2 Billion

vendor relationships


vendor spending


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