Contact Your Lawmakers

Urge Congress to Oppose the Proposed International Pricing Index Model
The Administration recently proposed the International Pricing Index (IPI) Model, which would base prices for medicines in Medicare Part B on prices mandated by foreign governments. Tell your Members of Congress to oppose the proposed IPI model. 

Support the House MassHealth Proposal - Protect Massachusetts businesses and patients
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is working to finalize their state budget. The Governor’s and the Senate’s versions of the budget include some proposals pertaining to MassHealth (which covers Medicaid) that are harmful to our industry, treating pharmaceutical manufacturers more harshly than other health care stakeholders in the Commonwealth. Contact your State House and Senate member today and ask them to support the House proposal!

Ohio Employees - Reject International Pricing Index (IPI) - Protect Ohio businesses and patients
The State of Ohio is working to finalize their state budget, and they are considering a Medicaid proposal that would establish a foreign pricing model for our industry, called the International Pricing Index (IPI). This unproven foreign pricing model is a price control that will chill innovation in our industry and is likely to negatively impact others in the state’s economic ecosystem. We urge you to take action before this proposal moves any farther, and ask House and Senate members to reject this proposal.