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Tell Congress to Protect Medical Innovation and Oppose Government Price Setting

Some members of Congress are considering policy proposals that would allow the government to set the price of prescription medicines, which means letting the government arbitrarily decide the value of medicines - of our work. The biopharmaceutical industry is on the frontlines of developing treatments and vaccines not just for COVID-19, but also thousands of other debilitating and life-threatening conditions. Our industry provides hope to millions of patients every day.

Congress must protect innovation, jobs, and most importantly, patients. We urge you to take action by telling your members of Congress to oppose government price setting proposals like the Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019. Contact your members of Congress now!

Connecticut Employees - Reject HB-6447
Earlier this year, Governor Lamont introduced a proposal in his budget that would impose price controls on medicines. Unfortunately, this legislation is being considered for a vote on the floor of the Connecticut State House. The biopharmaceutical industry is an essential driver of the Connecticut economy, an innovative ecosystem that supports more than 35,000 total jobs and $9 billion in economic output. If enacted, not only could this bill cost thousands of jobs, it could have a chilling effect on innovation and harm patients depending on the next discovery. Tell the governor that this legislation is wrong for Connecticut and ask your legislators to reject HB-6447 now!