2020 Champions


Meet the employees we’ve recognized as We Work For Health Champions in 2020. Each of these champions has done exceptional work, from creating solutions for the coronavirus pandemic, to advocating on behalf of the biopharmaceutical industry and ensuring diversity and education remain at the forefront of the industry.

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2020 We Work For Health Champion - Chris Leibman - Biogen

Chris Leibman

Senior Vice President, Value and Access

In addition to his role at Biogen, Chris and his team are an essential resource to the company's Public Policy and Government Affairs (PPGA) team. Chris and his team developed Biogen’s Pricing and Access Principles, which is a guiding post for Biogen with a focus on the value to patients, society, innovation, value, and affordability and sustainability. As the PPGA team advocates in D.C. and with state governments, Chris and his team are available to personalize the approach and perspective on complex biopharmaceutical issues.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Danielle Fowler - Boehringer Ingelheim

Danielle Fowler

Research Scientist
Boehringer Ingelheim

Danielle started as an intern at Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) and worked her way up to a lab manager, where she now trains the next generation of scientists. Over the past two years, Danielle has helped spearhead R&D support for facility tours at the U.S. headquarters, showing federal and state policymakers first-hand the important work that happens in BI's labs. She is able to explain complex science and research processes in an easily digestible way while walking policymakers through high tech lab spaces, sharing scientific processes underway and providing various information requested.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Jeff Perdue - Bristol Myers Squibb

Jeff Perdue

Sr. Regional Director, Account Management, Cell Therapy
Bristol Myers Squibb

Outside of his role as a Senior Regional Director, Jeff frequently represents Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) at meetings and events with federal and state elected officials and with other key policymaker stakeholders. He is a passionate advocate for the patients the industry serves. He has been instrumental in getting his colleagues involved by recruiting new PAC members and grassroots Ambassadors. As a result, the programs have grown and succeeded because of his work and dedication.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Rondu Vincent - Bristol Myers Squibb

Rondu Vincent

Executive Director of Global Supplier Diversity & Sustainability
Bristol Myers Squibb

As Executive Director of Global Supplier Diversity & Sustainability at BMS, Rondu is deeply involved with key organizations geared towards supplier diversity and has forged strong partnerships with over 25 international and national advocacy groups for small and diverse businesses. Additionally, he played a huge role in BMS' COVID-19 response efforts. To support small/diverse suppliers and vendors impacted by COVID-19, Rondu and the BMS Procurement Team came up with the Supplier Liquidity Program, which allowed them to initiate several levers to expedite payments to small/diverse businesses to assist with cash flow issues caused by the pandemic.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Christopher Otto - Eli Lilly and Company

Christopher Otto

Sr. Director, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Eli Lilly and Company

Chris is currently the Senior Director for Clinical Laboratory Sciences with over 25 years of experience with Eli Lilly and Company. Chris and Dr. Janelle Sabo helped develop Indiana's largest COVID-19 reference lab that helped the state almost immediately increase its testing capacity from approximately 300 tests per day to 30,000 tests per day.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Dr. Janelle Sabo - Eli Lilly and Company

Dr. Janelle Sabo

Sr. Director, Clinical Systems and Supply Plan
Eli Lilly and Company

Dr. Janelle A. Sabo currently leads clinical systems, supply and innovation within the Clinical Design, Delivery, and Analytics division, enabling clinical development from early discovery through commercialization. She helped develop Indiana's largest COVID-19 reference lab and the state’s largest drive through testing facility. Along with Chris Otto, she assisted in building a lab design strategy and a supply chain management program that built the state’s capacity to almost 30,000 COVID-19 tests per day.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Troy Webb - GSK

Troy Webb

VP Pharma Supply Chain & Strategy, Future Ready Transformation

Troy Webb serves as VP Pharma Supply Chain & Strategy, Future Ready Transformation. In addition to overseeing the production of the company's respiratory medications, he is also a great partner to GSK's government relations team. He is willing to take the time to educate elected officials on the important lifesaving medications being produced by the Zebulon team and has met with the North Carolina General Assembly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Troy and the site leadership team stayed in communication with government relations regarding stay-at-home orders.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - John Hoffman - Johnson & Johnson

John Hoffman

Head of Health Policy & Advocacy
Johnson & Johnson

As the Head of Health Policy and Advocacy, John works to protect patient access by collaborating with both advocacy groups and with the J&J Government Affairs and Policy team. The Brooks Group ADVOCATE report has recognized Mr. Hoffman and his colleagues as leaders of advocacy relations in the pharmaceutical industry.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Dr. Gary Starling - Merck

Dr. Gary Starling

AVP, Biology-Discovery Protein Science

Dr. Starling plays the invaluable role in supporting Merck’s work on political and federal advocacy issues by providing not only content expertise on Merck’s portfolio of products and development pipeline, but also helping ensure that the government affairs team is able to educate congressional staff on issues surrounding the innovation ecosystem and Merck’s commitment to research and development. His extensive experience gives him a unique ability to distill the science and rapidly assess the business implications of complex policy proposals focused on the biopharmaceutical industry.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Brendan Monahan - Novartis

Brendan Monahan

Associate Director, HSE&BCM, Risk Management

Brendan and the Novartis Emergency Management team was called into action to lead the company's U.S. COVID-19 response team. His tasks included procuring and delivering 125,000 face coverings, 16,000 thermometers and 5,000 field force kits (masks, gloves, sanitizer, wipes). He also monitored and coordinated differing regulatory compliance requirements across 50 states while instituting an active on-site pre-screening program to support critical activities (25,000+ screenings across 17 sites).

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Christine Smith - Pfizer

Christine Smith

VP & Head of the Pfizer Biotherapeutics and Pharmaceutical Sciences Department/Chesterfield, MO Site Leader
Pfizer Inc

Christine leads Pfizer’s Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences (BTx Pharm Sci) with five global sites and is accountable for overseeing and providing strategic direction and operational implementation for aspects of advancing the Pfizer biologics and vaccines clinical portfolio. Earlier this year, she joined Missouri Governor Mike Parson during his daily COVID-19 briefing and highlighted the role the Missouri site would play in developing a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Phil Bonasia - Sunovion

Phil Bonasia

Head of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phil is the Head of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Sunovion, but he also takes the time to participate in "State Researcher Fly-In Days." Before these events, he takes the time to research the legislators he will meet and then develops the key points for each meeting. His research experience has impacted multiple meetings in key state capitals where the industry is working to ensure positive policy changes are implemented.

2020 We Work For Health Champion - Miguel Camargo - UCB

Miguel Camargo

External Innovation Lead and Head of Targeted Protein Degradation Platform

Going beyond his responsibilities as a researcher and leader, Miguel is extremely active in UCB's public affairs and PAC activities. He is a leader in local/state activities and engagements with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Association and is focused on expanding UCB's presence in the state. Furthermore, he has led a group of local, state and federal officials on a tour of UCB’s Bedford facilities to continue to build the company's narrative and reputation.